Welcome to the Schütze Lab

We are a dynamic research group at the Center for Information and Language Processing located at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich. Our primary focus is linguistically-informed Neural NLP: We use our deep understanding of language in our research and believe in the principle that learning is key to successful NLP – the same way that the language capabilities of humans are based on learning.

Our research areas are representation learning, multilinguality, machine learning for low-resource scenarios, cognitively motivated deep learning, linguistically informed deep learning (especially for morphology) and digital humanities.

The lab has several ongoing projects that address these research areas, focusing on topics ranging from alignment of multilingual corpora to improving contemporary embedding algorithms (see Projects).

Our group publishes extensively in top NLP/ML conferences. Here is the summary of our publishing record from the past three years.

2020 5 10 3 4 2 2 26
2019 4 2 3 - 1 5 14
2018 4 3 1 - - 5 13

We are looking for passionate new PhD students, Postdocs, interns, IDP (TUM) and MSc/BSc thesis students to join the team (more info) !

We are grateful for funding from the Munich Centre for Machine Learning (MCML), Elitenetzwerk Bayern (International Doctorate Program), Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and from the European Research Council ERC advanced grant.


04 March 2021

Nina Poerner successfully defended her PhD Thesis. Congrats Nina!

04 January 2021

Viktor Steinborn joined the Lab

07 December 2020

Haris Jabbar joined the Lab

25 October 2020

Prof. Schütze was interviewed for FAZ about GPT-3 and CIS doctoral student Timo Schick's work on an alternative model

21 October 2020

Philipp Dufter and Prof Schütze have been chosen as recipients of one of the 2020 Google Awards for Inclusion Research

20 October 2020

An article co-authored by Prof Schütze was published by US National Academy of Sciences

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